Ethnic Crockery

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Design: Bronze 01
Style: Platter, tri bowl
Design: Modern Green
Style: Palm platter, candle sticks, serviette rings
Design: Beige Gold
Style: Mini bowl, platter,ramekins,tbag holder
Design: Green bronze
Style: XL Platter, L Bottle vase,Potjie, Citrus bowl
Design: Blue Black
Style: Snack boat, candle sticks, oval vase
Design: Bronze 02
Style: Snack Boat, Platter SBottle Vase LCalabash
Design: Copper
Style: Tri bowl,sml bottle vase,snack boat
Design: Cane 01
Style: Small dish, mini bowl, tri bowl
Design: Red Earth 01
Style: Tri bowl. candle sticks, oval vase, pasta dish
Design: Giraffe
Style: Candle sticks, Platter, Medium bread
Design: Black Etch 01
Style: DInner Set
Design: @World
Style: Standard Bread, Butterfly,Fruit bowl,mini bowl



Design: Autumn Gold 01
Style: Med.Bread, Butterfly,LBottle vase,Square bowl
Design: White beaded
Style: Sml Dish, Medium Vase, Sml vase
Design: Bird
Style: Coaster,mini bowl,sml bottle vase,square bowl
Design: Black/brown
Style: Fruit bowl,sml vase,mini bowl
Design: Blue/black
Style: Medium vase, oval plate, Large ramekin
Design: Blue Elephant 01
Style: Sugar,T pot,Platter,T Mugs,Coffee Mugs,Coasters



Design: Bronze Vases 01
Style: M Vase, Xl Vase,L Calabash, Oval vase
Design: Orange Swirl 02
Style: Egg cups,Candlesticks,Platter,Sml Vase,Ashtray
Design: Cane 02
Style: Platters
Design: Gold Sun
Style: Oval Plate, Square bowl, Medium Vase,L Ramekin, Sml Bowl
Design: Gold Wheel
Style: French Bread, Medium Bread, Square Bowl,Mini Bowl, Sml Vase, Coffee Mug, Milk jar
Design: Green/black
Style: Small dish, fruit bowl, small bowl



Design: Orange Swirl 01
Style: Large Calabash, Xl Vase
Design: Tuscan Bronze 01
Style: Large Calabash
Design: Red Black 01
Style: Dinner Set
Design: Red Earth 02
Style: Butterfly Platter,Medium Vase, Mini bowl
Design: Ndebele
Style: TLight Candleholders,Candle sticks,Palm plate, Standard bread
Design: Sundance 01
Style: Fuit bowl,Platter,mini calabach,Coffee mug,Xlvase,Small Vase



Design: Sundance 02
Style: Teaset
Design: Teal Swirl 01
Style: Small Bowl, mini bowl, Sml Square bowl,Medium vase, Deep bowl
Design: Tuscan matt Blue 01
Style: Platters, Snack boats, sml bottle vase
Design: Tuscan matt orange 02
Style: Platter, square bowl
Design: Zebra Combination 01
Style: Small Dish, Oil/vinegar,Platter,Oval Plate, Coaster
Design: Zebra silver
Style: Platter



Design: Zulu Earth
Style: Large Calabash, Xl Vase, Underplate
Design: Feather
Style: Oblong dish,oval plate, Deep bowl,Sml Milk, TSpoon Holder
Design: Mache
Style: Ashtray,Platter, soap dish,sml Bottle Vase,L Bottle Vase,Sherry glasses,T Mug
Design: Kiddies range
Style: Egg cup, plates, sml milk
Design: Etch
Style: Variety etch, purple, black , red
Design: Dark feather
Style: Std bread, Platter, oil/vinegar,Med bread, mini bowl



Design: Zebra
Style: TLight candles, Sqr bowl, Platter, Mugs, Sugar, milk
Design: Tuscan matt white 03
Style: Snack Boat,platter,mini bowl
Design: Blue elephant 02
Style: Citrus bowl,med.bread, Platter, Tea mugs with coaster,sugar and milk
Design: Red Orange swirl
Style: Standard bread, platter, large ramekin
Design: Teal Swirl 02
Style: Square bowl, platter, bud vase
Design: Autumn Gold 02
Style: Palm plate, Xl platter, mini bowl




Design: Bronze Vases 02
Style: Lrge Calabash, XL Vase, Oval Vase, snack boat, citrus bowl
Design: Red Earth 03
Style: Sml Square bowl, medium vase, platter
Design: Faces 01
Style: Platter
Design: Faces 02
Style: Platter
Design: Midnight
Style: Oblong dish, platter, sml bowl, mini bowl
Design: Zebra
Style: 01



Design: Tuscan Bronze 02
Style: Large calabash, platter, oblong dish
Design: Red black 02
Style: Salad bowl, platter, Tri bowl, med and large ramekin


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