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Simplethnic Designs cc was founded 10 years ago (2005/6) by Chris Lessing who was born and raised in Bloemfontein in the heart of the Free State, South Africa.

Since he started out with this very simple venture making exclusive "ethnic furniture" for lodges he came across various requests which became his vision and now the company boasts a product range so vast that it proudly also supply to various guesthouses, schools, hotels and resorts!

The prices are always kept low enough in order for large quantities to be ordered and quality is of the very best. We might not always be the cheapest but we trust our service and comprehensive range of products will save you more in the long run!

Amenities like soaps, creams etc. are 100% natural herbal and the industrial cleaning agents are eco-friendly, approved by the strictest S.A.B.S. standards according to new legislation to be phased in by 2010 as is the catering equipment!

We endeavor to simplify and supply in all your needs by being a One Stop Supplier.

Pens, corporate gifting, business cards, pamphlets, embroidery, printing, clothing and uniforms, shoes, catering equipment, crockery, glassware, cutlery, art, beds and mattresses, linen, furniture, soaps, toilet paper, industrial soaps, safety wear, exquisite handcrafted African chicque furniture and lots more!!


So feel free - indulge in our website which is updated frequently in order for our clients to compile a wish list on site and e-mail it directly, to make life a whole lot easier. Also find us on Facebook!

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