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                                 Simplethnic Designs cc
Your ONE stop supply solution  to Grandeur and Style for               Lodges, Hotels & Resorts!

                        ONE name... ONE number... ALL OF IT!! Dial now!
                                                         083 426 1652!



   Simplethnic WELCOMES your visit to our website! Open your mind- we supply ALL to the Hospitality industry, thus we can assist in your procurement as we have the experience and know-how. Supplying directly from the warehouse to you! 

                                                       We DO NOT stock, we supply! 

We are here to encourage you to grab this opportunity for a continuous supply of your daily needs and MUCH MUCH more, We simplify and supply ALL your needs!
ONE name... ONE number...ALL of it!   

                                         Director: Chris Lessing


+27 (0) 83 426 1652 (SOUTH-AFRICA)
Fax: +27 (0) 86 525 9977
Skype: clessing
chris@simplethnic.co.za (National & International)
chris.lessing4@gmail.com (Marketing)

What is a Customer?

  • A Customer is the most important person ever.... in person, by mail or by phone
  • A Customer is not dependent on me.... I am dependent on him
  • A Customer is not an interruption of my work..... he is the purpose of it
  • I am not doing him a favour by serving him...... he is doing me a favour by giving me the opportunity to do so
  • A Customer is not someone to argue or match wits with, nobody ever won an argument with a Customer
  • A Customer is a person who brings me his wants.




We would absolutely LOVE to help and supply in all your needs! We supply within 48 hours after deposit reflects in our account!

Quotes are free of charge.



***Shipping fees will vary on the size of your order and location.***






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